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Commercial Negotiation


Commercial Negotiation

When do you know if you made a good deal? Is only the price important or are there many other aspects which you can agree on with a customer? What is the purpose of a good preparation for the negotiation? Do you submit a quotation right away or will you wait? When and how are you going to make concessions? Surely you ask yourself these and many other questions once in a while. The Commercial Negotiating training enables you to elaborate on these questions. Upon completion of this training you will have acquired knowledge of the negotiating process and your negotiating capabilities will have improved. The insecurities typical of negotiating shall then become a challenge.


  • which key concepts characterize commercial negotiating;
  • the basic skills of commercial negotiating;
  • specific negotiating skills;
  • effective preparation of commercial negotiations;
  • to regularly test your behavior in enacted negotiation situations.


The most important characteristic of this training is practice. The results of the training are therefore directly applicable. Attention for each and every participant is the next characteristic of the training. As a consequence, we only train in groups of no more than 12 participants. Needless to say that a professional approach, with experienced trainers and the aid of instructional movies, workbooks and role plays, forms an integral part of this course.

Course Method: Inter-active self study, The training is a combination of self work and guidance. Every participant receives a text book containing theory, advice and exercises. At the end you will receive a certificate of accomplishment.


The duration of this course is divided in 4 sessions of approximately 3 hours.

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