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Human Resources Management


Human Resources Management

The training Human Resources Management is meant for management members within an organization who direct (or who shortly shall start directing) a group of people. Also for everyone who is working in and with the Human Resources Department this training is essential.


This training offers you the opportunity to acquire or increase insight, know-how and skills in the field of;

  • your role, responsibilities and authorities as HR Manager;
  • organizing yourself, and your workload;
  • eliminating time - waster and applying time and cost savers;
  • effective communications and conversation techniques;
  • e.g. how to get your message across, bad news and dealing with emotional behavior;
  • recruitment/selection and interview techniques;
  • performance review and giving constructive feedback;
  • coaching and motivating co-workers;
  • labor law, collective and individual labor agreement;
  • management and leadership styles (discover your own style);
  • managing absenteeism and managing a multi cultural workforce;
  • handling complaints/conflict management; and writing HR reports.


The most important aspect of the training is practice. We dedicate 80 % of the time thereto. The results of the training are therefore directly applicable.

Attention for each and every participant is the next characteristic of the training. As a consequence, we train in groups of no more than 12 participants.

With tasks based on practice, you immediately apply what you have learned. Needless to say that a professional approach, with the aid of instruction movies, video recordings and text books, form part of the program.

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