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Presentation Techniques


Presentation Techniques


Many people find speaking in or in front of a group of people a difficult thing to do.
They ponder all sort of questions; How do I structure my story? How do I bring this subject in such a way that it fascinates people? How do I keep the attention of the people? How will they react? What questions will they ask me, and how can I best react to them?

The training Powerful Presentation Techniques provides an answer to these and to many other questions. Mind mapping will be part of the training. It can be used in different situations: interview, speech preparing and presenting, report writing, project planning.

This training is meant for everybody who in his/her work or in other occasions must present various subjects.


The training consists of a theoretical part interchanged with video showings and many practical exercises. These exercises are recorded on video, played and evaluated according to the theory. The exercises have an increasing grade of difficulty.

The first exercise deals only with the "heading" of a presentation, and the last one deals with the presentation in its totality and reacting to observations of a difficult or not audience.

In view of the intensive character of this training, the training group is limited to a maximum of 8 participants. We ask of the participants to prepare a short presentation before the training begins. At the end we will have a speech contest.


The duration of this course is divided in 3 sessions of approximately 3 hours.

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